Stories in numerical order

Below is a list of selections in the order in which they appeared on Story of the Week.
1.The Cut-Glass BowlF. Scott Fitzgerald
2.Luella MillerMary Wilkins Freeman
3.The BouquetCharles W. Chesnutt
4.A Wind-Storm in the ForestsJohn Muir
5.Mrs. Spring FragranceEdith Maude Eaton
6.The Sentimentality of William TavenerWilla Cather
7.Tolstoi Holds Lincoln World’s Greatest HeroLeo Tolstoy
8.Some Strange Experience:
The Reminiscences of a Ghost-Seer
Lafcadio Hearn
9.WarJack London
10.A Respectable WomanKate Chopin
11.Queen Victoria’s JubileeMark Twain
12.KerfolEdith Wharton
13.A Memorable MurderCelia Thaxter
14.Baiting the UmpireGeorge Jean Nathan
15.In FranceP. T. Barnum
16.An Interview with Mark TwainRudyard Kipling
17.The Lady on the BookcaseJames Thurber
18.The Wives of the DeadNathaniel Hawthorne
19.Stage StruckChanning Pollock
20.When Man Falls, a Crowd GathersStephen Crane
21.Business DealNathanael West
22.World War IIEdward Field
23.CharlesShirley Jackson
24.The Charmed LifeKatherine Anne Porter
25.The Moonlit RoadAmbrose Bierce
26.A Virginia BarbecueJohn M. Duncan
27.Going to ShrewsburySarah Orne Jewett
28.A Certain Oil RefineryTheodore Dreiser
29.“Spiritus Valet”Thornton Wilder
30.The Devil and Tom WalkerWashington Irving
31.Finishing School for PicketsHoward Zinn
32.Hop-FrogEdgar Allan Poe
33.On Some Mental Effects of the EarthquakeWilliam James
34.The Flying FoolWaverly Root
35.The Brooch
(limited time only—no longer available)
Isaac Bashevis Singer
36.The Nature of LibertyH. L. Mencken
37.KindlingRaymond Carver
38.Désirée’s BabyKate Chopin
39.You Could Look It UpJames Thurber
40.The TrainFlannery O'Connor
41.Baxter’s ProcrustesCharles W. Chesnutt
42.The Little RoomMadeline Yale Wynne
43.In Goldman, Sachs We TrustJohn Kenneth Galbraith
44.Artemus Ward on His Visit to Abe LincolnArtemus Ward
45.A JourneyEdith Wharton
46.Account of the Battle of MonmouthGeorge Washington
47.Hunting the Deceitful TurkeyMark Twain
48.Success in EntertainingWard McAllister
49.I’ll Be WaitingRaymond Chandler
50.All Parrots SpeakPaul Bowles
51.The Christmas Fireside (for Good Little Boys and Girls)Mark Twain
52.Horsefeathers Swathed in MinkA. J. Liebling
53.Aunt Cynthy DallettSarah Orne Jewett
54.Celebration in CharlestonWilliam Howard Russell
55.What It Means to be Colored in the
Capital of the United States
Mary Church Terrell
56.XinguEdith Wharton
57.Cobb Fights It Over AgainIrvin S. Cobb
58.Was It in His Hand?Elizabeth Bishop
59.Mon AmieRandolph Bourne
60.Remarkable Case of Arrest for MurderAbraham Lincoln
61.To Build a FireJack London
62.Destruction of the Tea in BostonJohn Adams
63.Up the Stairs with Cus D’AmatoPete Hamill
64.The RefugeeJane Rice
65.The Gray ChampionNathaniel Hawthorne
66.Pitchers and CatchersMoe Berg
67.A Wagner MatinéeWilla Cather
68.A Dog's TaleMark Twain
69.The Morning WalkKate Chopin
70.The Domain of ArnheimEdgar Allan Poe
71.The Night We All Had GrippeShirley Jackson
72.The Hossack MurderSusan Glaspell
73.Sunday MorningWallace Stevens
74.“This One Is Captain Waskow”Ernie Pyle
75.An Experiment in MiseryStephen Crane
76.Abraham LincolnHarriet Beecher Stowe
77.A Box to Hide InJames Thurber
78.Dr. Heidegger’s ExperimentNathaniel Hawthorne
79.Immigrant PicnicGregory Djanikian
80.The Eyes of the PantherAmbrose Bierce
81.The Union Army RetreatsWilliam Howard Russell
82.The Striding PlaceGertrude Atherton
83.Twelve Strangers in the NightElizabeth M. Bisgood
84.Paul BunyanJohn Dos Passos
85.When I Knew Stephen CraneWilla Cather
86.The Ransom of Red ChiefO. Henry
87.Bill of Fare on the PlainsAnnie D. Tallent
88.The ApostateJack London
89.The DuelO. Henry
90.Porcelain and PinkF. Scott Fitzgerald
91.Why Don't You Dance?
(limited time only—no longer available)
Raymond Carver
92.The ScavengersMary Austin
93.TomorrowEugene O'Neill
94.Shiftless Little LoafersSusan Orlean
95.The Day I Sprouted WingsJ. Herman Banning
96.MidnightJack Snow
97.PasteHenry James
98.A Horseman in the SkyAmbrose Bierce
99.Celebrations of Thanksgiving: Cuban SeasoningsAna Menéndez
100.Jim Baker’s Blue-Jay YarnMark Twain
101.The Shadowy ThirdEllen Glasgow
102.W. L. S.Theodore Dreiser
103.A Winter WalkHenry David Thoreau
104.The Christmas DinnerWashington Irving
105.An English New YearHenry James
106.The Ambitious GuestNathaniel Hawthorne
107.A Negro Tourist in DixieBettye Rice Hughes
108.Tom's HusbandSarah Orne Jewett
109.The EyesEdith Wharton
110.Attack on Fort DonelsonLew Wallace
111.Autobiography Written for CampaignAbraham Lincoln
112.A Presidential CandidateMark Twain
113.Chefoo, ChinaThornton Wilder
114.Golden BabyAlice Brown
115.Where Do You Get that Noise?Ring Lardner
116.A ProblemHenry James
117.Arson PlusDashiell Hammett
118.Story in Harlem SlangZora Neale Hurston
119.After the WinterKate Chopin
120.The DollCharles W. Chesnutt
121.The FogBerton Roueché
122.The Cask of AmontilladoEdgar Allan Poe
123.Audience Tomorrow: Preview in New GuineaElia Kazan
124.“There is no end to the amusements of Paris”George Catlin
125.The SwimmerJohn Cheever
126.“Damn the Torpedoes!”Helen Lawrenson
127.The Bride Comes to Yellow SkyStephen Crane
128.“Come into the Roof Garden, Maud”Djuna Barnes
129.The Legend of the Two Discreet StatuesWashington Irving
130.“Our Beleaguered City”Judith W. McGuire
131.“It is impossible we should think of Submission”Benjamin Franklin
132.The Legend of Monte del DiabloBret Harte
133.The Question of a FeatherRobert Frost
134.Try and Change the PastFritz Leiber
135.The Art of Seeing ThingsJohn Burroughs
136.The Garden LodgeWilla Cather
137.Feathertop: A Moralized LegendNathaniel Hawthorne
138.Nowhere to RunJohn Schulian
139.The Untold LieSherwood Anderson
140.Views of WashingtonJohn Dos Passos
141.The FiddlerHerman Melville
142.A Woman’s Recollections of AntietamMary Bedinger Mitchell
143.The Shell of SenseOlivia Howard Dunbar
144.An HourLouisa May Alcott
145.Hetch Hetchy ValleyJohn Muir
146.The Man Who Came to Dinner with
George Kaufman Directing
Morton Eustis
147.Free Fall  (from The Man Who Rode the Thunder)William H. Rankin
148.In the ZoneEugene O'Neill
149.Running for GovernorMark Twain
150.An Autumn HolidaySarah Orne Jewett
151.Three PoemsPaul Laurence Dunbar
152.The Moonstone MassHarriet Prescott Spofford
153.Knight to MoveFritz Leiber
154.The Colored CooperClifton Johnson
155.The Country DoctorTheodore Dreiser
156.The Lily-White BoysWilliam Maxwell
157.The Jelly-FishDavid H. Keller
158.The EggSherwood Anderson
159.A DreamAnonymous
160.The Original and OnlyRobert Frost
161.AthénaïseKate Chopin
162.Reminiscences of Abraham LincolnFrederick Douglass
163.Washington Resigns His CommissionGeorge Washington & Thomas Mifflin
164.The Wife of His YouthCharles W. Chesnutt
165.Hunting Human GameFrank Norris
166.The Ballad of the Brown Girl
(limited time only—no longer available)
Countee Cullen
167.Certain Things LastSherwood Anderson
168.“Old Ironsides” Captures HMS GuerrièreMoses Smith
169.Slippery FingersDashiell Hammett
170.The LoverHarriet Ann Jacobs
171.The Tree of KnowledgeHenry James
172.Natural History, the Forgotten ScienceAldo Leopold
173.Jim Crow’s PlaymatesRed Smith
174.Bernice Bobs Her HairF. Scott Fitzgerald
175.Eyewitness: The Police Terror at BirminghamLen Holt
176.PeterWilla Cather
177.War StoriesHarvey Shapiro
178.The Yellow Wall PaperCharlotte Perkins Gilman
179.Flying—A Dream Come True!Ida M. Tarbell
180.Crooked SoulsDashiell Hammett
181.My Favorite MurderAmbrose Bierce
182.Battle of GettysburgArthur James Lyon Fremantle
183.The Sentiments of a Lady in New-JerseyAnonymous
184.HaircutRing Lardner
185.Petrified ManEudora Welty
186.Letters to EstellaAldo Leopold
187.Storm and ShipwreckJames Fenimore Cooper
188.The Lovely Troubled Daughters of Our Old CrowdJohn Updike
189.The Music of Erich ZannH. P. Lovecraft
190.The Young ImmigruntsRing Lardner
191.South of the SlotJack London
192.Portrait of an Immortal SoulH. L. Mencken
193.“The Nameless Dead”Kate Cumming
194.The Strongest Lady in the WorldRed Smith
195.The Life and Death of VaudevilleFred Allen
196.Slavery’s Pleasant HomesLydia Maria Francis Child
197.The Long Voyage HomeEugene O’Neill
198.Wild Frank’s ReturnWalt Whitman
199.Unseen—UnfearedFrancis Stevens
200.Aufenthalt in RosenheimVincent Sheean
201.Notes on War ExperiencesEddie Rickenbacker
202.The Stout GentlemanWashington Irving
203.John Inglefield’s ThanksgivingNathaniel Hawthorne
204.No Greater Joy Than to See These Children
Walking in the Anti-Slavery Path
Lucretia Mott
205.A Gold SlipperWilla Cather
206.The Dead ValleyRalph Adams Cram
207.A Christmas StoryKatherine Anne Porter
208.The Secret Life of Walter MittyJames Thurber
209.A Winter CourtshipSarah Orne Jewett
210.Last Summer in MississippiAlice Lake
211.The First Seven YearsBernard Malamud
212.The Story of an Hour Kate Chopin
213.Making It!Seymour Krim
214.Meeting “Father Abraham”Lois Bryan Adams
215.Madison WashingtonWilliam Wells Brown
216.CarmenRing Lardner
217.Autres Temps . . . Edith Wharton
218.The Birds of KillingworthHenry Wadsworth Longfellow
219.The Capture of USS EssexDavid G. Farragut
220.An Itinerant HouseEmma Frances Dawson
221.ShakespeareWilliam Dean Howells
222.Idiots FirstBernard Malamud
223.About TreesJ. Sterling Morton
224.The Fire and The CloudZora Neale Hurston
225.The Drunken SistersThornton Wilder
226.The Armies of the WildernessHerman Melville
227.One Wicked Impulse!Walt Whitman
228.The Price of the HarnessStephen Crane
229.TransatlanticGilbert Seldes
230.Who?Algis Budrys
231.General MacbethMary McCarthy
232.The Legend of Tchi-NiuLafcadio Hearn
233.An Occurrence at Owl Creek BridgeAmbrose Bierce
234.Tyrants of the ShopFanny Fern
235.How I Went Out to ServiceLouisa May Alcott
236.Our Visit to RichmondJames R. Gilmore
237.The Middle YearsHenry James
238.No Room in the CemeteryAnonymous
239.Japanese HamletToshio Mori
240.“Dear sister, I must leave this house”Dolley Madison
241.Storming the CapitalGeorge R. Gleig
242.A Whistle-Stop School with Big-Time TalentJerry Izenberg
243.Defence of Fort M‘HenryFrancis Scott Key,
with Roger B. Taney
244.The Ice PalaceF. Scott Fitzgerald
245.On Richard AvedonTruman Capote
246.Anna’s WhimLouisa May Alcott
247.MotherSherwood Anderson
248.Playing CourierMark Twain
249.The Curse of Everard MaundySeabury Quinn
250.The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor FetherEdgar Allan Poe
251.Friday Night TykesBryan Curtis
252.You Can’t Tell a Man by the Song He SingsPhilip Roth
253.Eating AmericanSheila Hibben
254.The MournersBernard Malamud
255.Passages in the Life of a Slave WomanAnnie Parker
256.Union LootersMary S. Mallard
257.Christmas EveWashington Irving
258.“Like a Sea of Blood”Anonymous (A Kentucky Soldier)
259.The White SilenceJack London
260.The EvictedFred Travis
261.The Ghost of the GridironW. C. Heinz
262.In Dark New England DaysSarah Orne Jewett
263.“The Giant Sufferer”Gideon Welles
264.A Matter of PrincipleCharles W. Chesnutt
265.Taste in MusicVirgil Thomson
266.Selma, Alabama: The Charms of GoodnessElizabeth Hardwick
267.The Lightning-Rod ManHerman Melville
268.Franklin D. Roosevelt Inaugurated TomorrowMoss Hart
269.His New MittensStephen Crane
270.The Fall of RichmondSallie Brock
271.The Fulness of LifeEdith Wharton
272.Lincoln’s AssassinationElizabeth Keckly
273.Mare Island and BackArthur Miller
274.Death of a Race HorseW. C. Heinz
275.The Morning of the DébûtAnna Cora Mowatt
276.Lavender with a DifferenceJames Thurber
277.Experience of a Chinese JournalistWong Chin Foo
278.Death of Carrier DescribedPeggy Hull Deuell
279.The Man of AdamantNathaniel Hawthorne
280.Letter to His Old MasterFrederick Douglass
281.A Psychological ShipwreckAmbrose Bierce
282.I Go AdventuringHelen Keller
283.Letter from the Dust BowlCaroline Henderson
284.The Special TypeHenry James
285.Terry HelburnFrances Parkinson Keyes
286.AdventureSherwood Anderson
287.Thurgood Marshall and the 14th AmendmentJames Poling
288.A True PatriarchTheodore Dreiser
289.A White HeronSarah Orne Jewett
290.The LandMary Austin
291.Pinda:—A True TaleMaria Weston Chapman
292.Head and ShouldersF. Scott Fitzgerald
293.The Actual ThingWilliam Maxwell
294.The Best Years of His LifeJohn Ed Bradley
295.Curfew Must Not Ring To-NightRose Hartwick Thorpe
296.The Greatest Man in the WorldJames Thurber
297.Genius LociClark Ashton Smith
298.How to Cure a ColdMark Twain
299.Kate’s ChoiceLouisa May Alcott
300.The Eating-HousesGeorge G. Foster
301.Never Bet the Devil Your HeadEdgar Allan Poe
302.Ordeal in LevittownDavid B. Bittan
303.Writing a War StoryEdith Wharton
304.Nature Near HomeJohn Burroughs
305.A Pair of Silk StockingsKate Chopin
306.“The Urgent Necessity”George Washington & John Adams
307.Henry James at WorkTheodora Bosanquet
308.The Golden HoneymoonRing Lardner
309.ImpostorsJames D. McCabe
310.Told in the Drooling WardJack London
311.The Death of the Hired ManRobert Frost
312.The Adventure of the German StudentWashington Irving
313.“Remember the Ladies”Abigail Adams & John Adams
314.A Curtain of Green
(limited time only—no longer available)
Eudora Welty
315.The Hiartville Shakespeare ClubBelle Marshall Locke
316.Trees in Streets and in ParksFrederick Law Olmsted
317.The FightStephen Crane
318.HeroesEllen N. La Motte
319.Somnambulism: A FragmentCharles Brockden Brown
320.Spring DayAmy Lowell
321.The KissCharles W. Chesnutt
322.“I’m the Greatest”Red Smith
323.The Young PacifistPaul Goodman
324.The Soul of the Great BellLafcadio Hearn
325.The Declaration of IndependenceAbigail Adams
326.Sisters and Science FictionKarl Kroeber
327.Barney GreengrassNorman Manea
328.The Enchanted BluffWilla Cather
329.Save the RedwoodsJohn Muir
330.The Deacon’s Masterpiece:
or the Wonderful “One-Hoss-Shay”
Oliver Wendell Holmes
331.Imaginary CountriesUrsula K. Le Guin
332.Unlighted LampsSherwood Anderson
333.AgathaJohn O’Hara
334.A Matter of FreedomJuanita Nelson
335.The Village FeudistsTheodore Dreiser
336.Literacy Tests: Southern StyleJack H. Pollack
337.Western Union Boy
(limited time only—no longer available)
Nathanael West
338.A Sketch from Maryland LifeCaroline W. Healey Dall
339.Absolute EvilJulian Hawthorne
340.My First Lie and How I Got Out of ItMark Twain
341.WunderkindCarson McCullers
342.The Tyranny of PieGeorge Augustus Sala
343.The Fifth PlanetLoren Eiseley
344.“The Worst News That I Have Encountered
in the Last 20 Years”
Robert Hagy
345.Biography of a StoryShirley Jackson
346.Christmas PoemJohn O’Hara
347.Toward Human UnityEmily Greene Balch
348.The Angel of the OddEdgar Allan Poe
349.The PelicanEdith Wharton
350.The Diary of a RetreatH. L. Mencken
351.FedoraKate Chopin
352.The Great Eaters of GeorgiaCarson McCullers
353.East Side: North AfricaJane Bowles
354.Death in the School-RoomWalt Whitman
355.The Birth-markNathaniel Hawthorne
356.On the Absurdity of a Bill of RightsNoah Webster
357.The Company Is Not ResponsibleMary McCarthy
358.Dalyrimple Goes WrongF. Scott Fitzgerald
359.AloneEllen N. La Motte
360.Miss Gunton of PoughkeepsieHenry James
361.The Bird Tragedy of Laysan IslandWilliam T. Hornaday
362.Me and Old DukeAlbert Murray
363.Four Men in a CaveStephen Crane
364.LukundooEdward Lucas White
365.My GirlsLouisa May Alcott
366.Inside the Cages of the ZooEllen Sander
367.Decoration DaySarah Orne Jewett
368.“Examine Well Your Heart”Alexander Hamilton
369.Bombers over LondonAnonymous
370.ChickamaugaAmbrose Bierce
371.“This Whole Horrible Transaction”John Quincy Adams
372.A Walk to WachusettHenry David Thoreau
373.Southern Peace Walk: Two Issues or One?Barbara Deming
374.A Stick of Green CandyJane Bowles
375.Eight Miles—Straight Up!Hawthorne C. Gray
376.The Day Before the RevolutionUrsula K. Le Guin
377.Barbed Wire and Brown SkullsLoren Eiseley
378.Account of a HurricaneAlexander Hamilton
379.PatrimonyPhilip Roth
380.The Unspoiled ReactionMary McCarthy
381.In the NorthEdith Wharton
382.If Grant Had Been Drinking at AppomattoxJames Thurber
383.Je Suis PerduPeter Taylor
384.The Donkey BoyJohn Dos Passos
385.Democracy?Rupert Trimmingham
386.Grettir at Thorhall-steadFrank Norris
387.The NamesakeWilla Cather
388.The Lost CauseRed Smith
389.Our City CharitiesMargaret Fuller
390.Taming the BicycleMark Twain
391.Shooting Down a “Hun”Charles J. Biddle
392.Thurlow’s Christmas StoryJohn Kendrick Bangs
393.Home for ChristmasCarson McCullers
394.Love of LifeJack London
395.“They All Fired at Her”Cynthia Townsend
396.A Half-Pint of Old Darling Wendell Berry
397.Mark Twain as Our EmissaryGeorge Ade
398.What the Black Man WantsFrederick Douglass
399.Becoming a First LadyAbigail Adams
400.Mrs. Spring FragranceEdith Maude Eaton
401.Simple SimonRing Lardner
402.Indiana’s Town of ChampionsEdith Roberts
403.Morning on the WissahicconEdgar Allan Poe
404.LonelinessSherwood Anderson
405.The Bold Dragoon, or the Adventure of My GrandfatherWashington Irving
406.Her LettersKate Chopin
407.The Angel That Troubled the WatersThornton Wilder
408.Of Man and the Stream of TimeRachel Carson
409.Three-Ten to YumaElmore Leonard
410.Manifest Destiny U.S.A.Albert Murray
411.The Town PoorSarah Orne Jewett
412.The Great CarbuncleNathaniel Hawthorne
413.Wounded—How It Feels to Be ShotFloyd Gibbons
414.The Two Altars; or, Two Pictures in OneHarriet Beecher Stowe
415.White WeedsCharles W. Chesnutt
416.Roll Call on the PrairiesWilla Cather
417.Fly Away, BreathWendell Berry
418.The Work Before UsFrederick Douglass
419.Greville FaneHenry James
420.Created He ThemAlice Eleanor Jones
421.Letters from MatamorosUlysses S. Grant
422.Parades and EntertainmentsStephen Crane
423.My CountryMary Antin
424.Three AmericansGeorge Strock and the editors of Life
425.BenedictionF. Scott Fitzgerald
426.“I Am Not Dead”Ashby Williams
427.Baby, You Were GreatKate Wilhelm
428.Moxon’s MasterAmbrose Bierce
429.Thesis Turned BroadwayKatherine Dunham
430.For the Blood Is the LifeF. Marion Crawford
431.Waiting for the ArmisticeHarry S. Truman
432.The Mission of JaneEdith Wharton
433.Apple-PieHenry Ward Beecher
434.Is He Living or Is He Dead?Mark Twain
435.I Remember BalanchineRuthanna Boris
436.Space EpisodeLeslie Perri
437.Joey on the Cake LineJohn O'Hara
438.MS. Found in a BottleEdgar Allan Poe
439.The Ordeal of Bobby CainGeorge McMillan
440.The JestDorothy Parker
441.Ozème’s HolidayKate Chopin
442.PeltCarol Emshwiller
443.“A Very Sad Thing”Theodore Roosevelt
444.HarlemAnn Petry
445.Some Like Them ColdRing Lardner
446.Carlotta, the Lady AeronautMary H. Myers
447.Talk by the RoadJohn Dos Passos
448.The Man Baseball Forgot Plays the Hand He’s DealtJane Leavy
449.The Spectre BridegroomWashington Irving
450.An Interview with Mark TwainRudyard Kipling
451.BrooksmithHenry James
452.Working at the Navy YardSusan B. Anthony II
453.Samuel Doyle RiddleJoe Palmer
454.HandsSherwood Anderson
455.Great Men’s SonsBooth Tarkington
456.The New YouKit Reed
457.Memorial Day Address at SuresnesWoodrow Wilson
458.The Longest Day DawnsCornelius Ryan
459.“A Death in the Desert”Willa Cather
460.The BouquetCharles W. Chesnutt
461.Rip Van WinkleWashington Irving
462.“A show of wax-figures”Nathaniel Hawthorne
463.The Empress’s RingNancy Hale
464.The Need of MoneyBooth Tarkington
465.The RiseWendell Berry
466.Traveler at Forty: Paris!Theodore Dreiser
467.The Passing of Sister BarsettSarah Orne Jewett
468.Mr. Sakrison’s HaltMildred Clingerman
469.“The First Successful Trip of an Airship”A. I. Root
470.My RobinFrances Hodgson Burnett
471.The Earliest DreamsNancy Hale
472.Poetry in MotionLarry Merchant
473.Yuki-OnnaLafcadio Hearn
474.The Best of AcapellaLenny Kaye
475.The Black StoneRobert E. Howard
476.Senators Win Title, 4–3Grantland Rice
477.Quiet Days in MalibuJoan Didion
478.ExpiationEdith Wharton
479.Plymouth Rock and the PilgrimsMark Twain
480.The Day the Dam BrokeJames Thurber
481.“Miss Grief”Constance Fenimore Woolson
482.Christmas TreesRobert Frost
483.William WilsonEdgar Allan Poe
484.“A Nation of Croakers”Richard Harvey Cain
485.The Days of Jig CookDjuna Barnes
486.The Tenth ClewDashiell Hammett
487.Eulogy for Abraham LincolnFrederick Douglass
488.The President in PerilJames Monroe
489.SolomonConstance Fenimore Woolson
490.The Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770Joseph Warren
491.Quick ReturnsRing Lardner
492.CavanelleKate Chopin
493.Influenza on a TroopshipHenry A. May
494.The VW YearsCarolyn Brown
495.The Night the Bed FellJames Thurber
496.New Haven, 1920Thornton Wilder
497.Wild Life about My CabinJohn Burroughs
498.Those Are as BrothersNancy Hale
499.The After-Season in RomeHenry James
500.Luella MillerMary Wilkins Freeman
501.Zigzags of TreacheryDashiell Hammett
502.I First Saw the Ruins of DunkerqueJohn Fisher
503.The Assassination of Senator Charles CaldwellMargaret Ann Caldwell
504.The Souls of White FolkW.E.B. Du Bois
505.Working for an EmpressAmbrose Bierce
506.Drenched in LightZora Neale Hurston
507.“The natural right of all Men—& their Children”Lancaster Hill, Peter Bess, Brister Slenser, Prince Hall, et al.
508.Paul’s CaseWilla Cather
509.A Veteran Visits the Old Front—Wishes He Had Stayed AwayErnest Hemingway
510.The Water BabyJack London
511.A Perfect MomentMaud Wood Park
512.The Circus at DenbySarah Orne Jewett
513.The New EnglanderSherwood Anderson
514.This Side of Paradise?Heywood Broun
515.The Miracle of the LilyClare Winger Harris
516.Refugee Procession Is Scene of HorrorErnest Hemingway
517.Women in PoliticsFannie Barrier Williams
518.The Masque of the Red DeathEdgar Allan Poe
519.KerfolEdith Wharton
520.The Black DogStephen Crane
521.“The Spirit of party has overpowerd the Spirit of Patriotism”Abigail Adams
522.The Poor Devil AuthorWashington Irving
523.MelodramaRollin Lynde Hartt
524.Poor Man’s Pudding and Rich Man’s CrumbsHerman Melville
525.The £1,000,000 Bank-NoteMark Twain
526.Ira AldridgeWilliam Wells Brown
527.“The Destruction of a Free Ballot”Joseph H. Rainey
528.FelipaConstance Fenimore Woolson
529.A Day with Conrad GreenRing Lardner
530.The Last Passenger PigeonGene Stratton-Porter
531.Positive ObsessionOctavia E. Butler
532.A Shameful AffairKate Chopin
533.Enjoying the PresidencyTheodore Roosevelt
534.SpunkZora Neale Hurston
535.KrakatauEdward O. Wilson
536.Children Are Bored on SundayJean Stafford
537.Gertrude Ederle vs. the ChannelW. O. McGeehan
538.In the Home StretchRobert Frost
539.Baseball as the Bleachers Like ItCharles E. Van Loan
540.L. A. NoirJoan Didion
541.The Real ThingHenry James
542.The Killing of Julius Cæsar “Localized”Mark Twain
543.The Other TwoEdith Wharton
544.A Southern LandscapeElizabeth Spencer
545.The Murder of John WalthallMaria Carter
546.A Retrieved ReformationO. Henry
547.The Gutting of CouffignalDashiell Hammett
548.TicketsDonald Barthelme
549.Stranger Than FictionJames Weldon Johnson
550.The Personal Is PoliticalCarol Hanisch
551.Old Flaming YouthJean Stafford
552.The Battle of Long IslandPhilip Vickers Fithian
553.The White AzaleaElizabeth Spencer
554.The Doctor and the Doctor’s WifeErnest Hemingway
555.Kings Get in FreeRed Smith
556.The Lady of Little FishingConstance Fenimore Woolson
557.The Recent TragedyJames Gordon Bennett
558.An Unfinished StoryO. Henry
559.Echoes in the City of the AngelsHelen Hunt Jackson
560.The Lees of HappinessF. Scott Fitzgerald
561.A Magic KingdomEdward O. Wilson
562.The Oval PortraitEdgar Allan Poe
563.Miss McEndersKate Chopin
564.John Redding Goes to SeaZora Neale Hurston
565.Miss Mary PaskEdith Wharton
566.An Episode of WarStephen Crane
567.Yosemite Valley in FloodJohn Muir
568.In a Far CountryJack London
569.How I Escaped Being Killed in a DuelMark Twain
570.The Christmas Magazines and the Inevitable Story of the Snowbound TrainDorothy Parker
571.Tall Tale Blue Over Mobile Bay in HarlemAlbert Murray
572.According to SolomonCharlotte Perkins Gilman
573.After HenryJoan Didion
574.The ExpertsW.E.B. Du Bois
575.The Legend of the Enchanted SoldierWashington Irving
576.OrizabaEdward O. Wilson
577.Hell Benders, or The Story of a Wayside TavernEdmund Pearson
578.A Modern LearJane Addams
579.ReconstructionFrederick Douglass
580.In Sloane StreetConstance Fenimore Woolson
581.Winter DreamsF. Scott Fitzgerald
582.The Tarot WitchRay Bradbury
583.RhythmRing Lardner
584.Mrs. Manstey’s ViewEdith Wharton
585.The SchoolDonald Barthelme
586.Eddy GreaterThornton Wilder
587.The Eccentric NaturalistJohn James Audubon
588.Shakespeares of 1922Lorenz Hart & Morrie Ryskind
589.Cloudland Revisited: Rock-a-Bye, Viscount, in the TreetopS. J. Perelman
590.Is Woman’s Suffrage a Failure?Ida M. Tarbell
591.Conscience with ArtO. Henry
592.Creeping SiameseDashiell Hammett
593.Death of a Pennsylvania SoldierWalt Whitman
594.Alla NazimovaDjuna Barnes
595.Building a SchoolHarriet Ann Jacobs & Louisa M. Jacobs
596.Cat in the RainErnest Hemingway
597.A Sea WorryMaxine Hong Kingston
598.Los Angeles. A RhapsodyAldous Huxley
599.Jimmy RoseHerman Melville
600.The Unnatural MotherCharlotte Perkins Gilman
601.The Real Right ThingHenry James
602.The “Western”: Definition of the MythJohn Williams
603.Wiser Than a GodKate Chopin
604.The Hills of ZionH. L. Mencken
605.How to Live on $36,000 a YearF. Scott Fitzgerald
606.Portrait of the Author as a Working WriterVirginia Hamilton
607.An Affair of OutpostsAmbrose Bierce
608.I Have Come to Tell You Something About SlaveryFrederick Douglass
609.The EmissaryRay Bradbury
610.The Giant WistariaCharlotte Perkins Gilman
611.Stories Told by an ArtistStephen Crane
612.When It ChangedJoanna Russ
613.The Business ManEdgar Allan Poe
614.Cookery: Meat DepartmentHarriet Beecher Stowe
615.Eve’s DiaryMark Twain
616.A Christmas Party That Prevented a Split in the ChurchMargaret Black
617.The Loudest VoiceGrace Paley
618.A Klondike ChristmasJack London
619.A Scarab in the City of TimeMarta Randall
620.Courthouse Square Is Authentic Picture of Occupied TownKenneth L. Dixon
621.The Bookkeeper’s WifeWilla Cather
622.The Epocha of the Stamp ActJohn Adams
623.A Visit to AvoyellesKate Chopin
624.Lynch Law in All Its PhasesIda B. Wells
625.Tommy’s BurglarO. Henry
626.If Ever I Should Leave YouPamela Sargent
627.Frog PondChelsea Quinn Yarbro
628.The LandlordHenry David Thoreau
629.St. Clair FlatsConstance Fenimore Woolson
630.Stratford-on-AvonWashington Irving
631.A Wind-Storm in the ForestsJohn Muir
632.The Colfax Massacre TrialLevi Nelson & Benjamin Brim
633.The Silver CrownBernard Malamud
634.His Father’s SonEdith Wharton
635.The BubbleNancy Hale
636.The Wind Bloweth Where It ListethCharles Portis
637.The Main DeathDashiell Hammett
638.“A Horrid, Hellish Dream”George E. Chamberlin
639.Declaration of ConscienceMargaret Chase Smith
640.A Lady from RedhorseAmbrose Bierce
641.“Let Slavery Die”Henry Highland Garnet
642.Out of SeasonErnest Hemingway
643.‘X-ing a Paragrab’Edgar Allan Poe
644.Narrative and Testimony of Sarah M. GrimkéSarah Moore Grimké
645.AbsolutionF. Scott Fitzgerald
646.Secret Paragraphs about My BrotherAdrienne Kennedy
647.A Game of VletJoanna Russ
648.WarJack London
649.Shingles for the LordWilliam Faulkner
650.Stephen Crane’s Own StoryStephen Crane
651.The Petitions of Belinda an AfricanBelinda Sutton
652.The Purple DressO. Henry
653.Cannibalism in the CarsMark Twain
654.The Sentimentality of William TavenerWilla Cather
655.Christmas Every DayWilliam Dean Howells
656.The Big Rock Candy Figgy Pudding PitfallJoan Didion
657.The MartyrKatherine Anne Porter
658.Letter to Thomas JeffersonBenjamin Banneker
659.AtrophyEdith Wharton
660.Insert Flap “A” and Throw AwayS. J. Perelman
661.A Point at Issue!Kate Chopin
662.The Final StruggleFrederick Douglass
663.QuoitsUrsula K. Le Guin
664.My Future As I See ItHelen Keller
665.It’s an HonorJimmy Breslin
666.Mrs. Fiske on Ibsen the PopularAlexander Woollcott
667.Kid’s Strategy Goes Amuck as Jake Doesn’t DieRing Lardner
668.The Romance of Certain Old ClothesHenry James
669.Orion Rises on the DunesHenry Beston
670.Colored Men and Women on the StageAida Overton Walker
671.MagicKatherine Anne Porter
672.Suggestions to Detective Story WritersDashiell Hammett
673.The Adventure of the Popkins FamilyWashington Irving
674.An Army with BannersJames Weldon Johnson
675.Soldiers and Ghosts (“A Baffled Ambuscade” and “Two Military Executions”)Ambrose Bierce
676.AcrossAmelia Earhart
677.The Duel: “Once more Adieu”Alexander Hamilton
678.In Another CountryErnest Hemingway