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AnonymousA Dream
AnonymousNo Room in the Cemetery
AnonymousThe Sentiments of a Lady in New-Jersey
Anonymous (A Kentucky Soldier)“Like a Sea of Blood”
Abigail AdamsThe Declaration of Independence“Remember the Ladies”
John AdamsDestruction of the Tea in Boston“Remember the Ladies”“The Urgent Necessity”
Lois Bryan AdamsMeeting “Father Abraham”
Louisa May AlcottAnna’s Whim An HourHow I Went Out to ServiceKate’s Choice
Fred AllenThe Life and Death of Vaudeville
Sherwood AndersonAdventureCertain Things LastThe EggMotherUnlighted LampsThe Untold Lie
Gertrude AthertonThe Striding Place
Mary AustinThe LandThe Scavengers
Emily Greene Balch Toward Human Unity
J. Herman BanningThe Day I Sprouted Wings
P. T. BarnumIn France
Djuna Barnes“Come into the Roof Garden, Maud”
Moe BergPitchers and Catchers
Ambrose BierceThe Eyes of the PantherA Horseman in the SkyThe Moonlit RoadMy Favorite MurderAn Occurrence at Owl Creek BridgeA Psychological Shipwreck
Elizabeth M. BisgoodTwelve Strangers in the Night
Elizabeth Bishop Was It in His Hand?
David B. BittanOrdeal in Levittown
Theodore BosanquetHenry James at Work
Randolph Bourne Mon Amie
Jane BowlesEast Side: North Africa
Paul Bowles All Parrots Speak
John Ed BradleyThe Best Years of His Life
Sallie BrockThe Fall of Richmond
Alice BrownGolden Baby
Charles Brockden BrownSomnambulism: A Fragment
William Wells BrownMadison Washington
Algis BudrysWho?
John BurroughsThe Art of Seeing Things Nature Near Home
Truman CapoteOn Richard Avedon
Raymond CarverKindling
Willa Cather The Enchanted BluffA Gold SlipperThe Garden Lodge Peter The Sentimentality of William TavenerA Wagner Matinée When I Knew Stephen Crane
George Catlin“There is no end to the amusements of Paris”
Raymond Chandler I’ll Be Waiting
Maria Weston Chapman Pinda:—A True Tale
John CheeverThe Swimmer
Charles W. ChesnuttBaxter’s ProcrustesThe BouquetThe DollThe KissA Matter of PrincipleThe Wife of His Youth
Lydia Maria Francis ChildSlavery’s Pleasant Homes
Kate ChopinAfter the WinterAthénaïseDésirée’s BabyFedoraA Morning WalkA Pair of Silk StockingsA Respectable WomanThe Story of an Hour
Irvin S. CobbCobb Fights It Over Again
James Fenimore CooperStorm and Shipwreck
Ralph Adams CramThe Dead Valley
Stephen CraneThe Bride Comes to Yellow SkyAn Experiment in MiseryThe FightHis New MittensThe Price of the HarnessWhen Man Falls, a Crowd GathersSee also: Cather
Kate Cumming“The Nameless Dead”
Bryan CurtisFriday Night Tykes
Caroline W. Healey Dall A Sketch from Maryland Life
Emma Frances DawsonAn Itinerant House
Peggy Hull DeuellDeath of Carrier Described
Gregory DjanikianImmigrant Picnic
John Dos PassosPaul BunyanViews of Washington
Frederick DouglassLetter to His Old MasterReminiscences of Abraham Lincoln
Theodore DreiserA Certain Oil RefineryA True PatriarchThe Country DoctorThe Village FeudistsW. L. S.
Olivia Howard DunbarThe Shell of Sense
Paul Laurence DunbarThree Poems
John M. DuncanA Virginia Barbecue
Edith Maude EatonMrs. Spring Fragrance
Loren EiseleyThe Fifth Planet
Morton EustisThe Man Who Came to Dinner with Geo. Kaufman Directing
David G. Farragut The Capture of USS Essex
Fanny FernTyrants of the Shop
Edward FieldWorld War II
F. Scott FitzgeraldBernice Bobs Her HairThe Cut-Glass BowlDalyrimple Goes WrongHead and ShouldersThe Ice PalacePorcelain and Pink
George G. FosterThe Eating-Houses
Benjamin Franklin“It is impossible we should think of Submission”
Mary Wilkins FreemanLuella Miller
Arthur James Lyon FremantleBattle of Gettysburg
Robert FrostThe Death of the Hired ManThe Original and OnlyThe Question of a Feather
John Kenneth GalbraithIn Goldman, Sachs We Trust
Charlotte Perkins GilmanThe Yellow Wall Paper
James R. GilmoreOur Visit to Richmond
Ellen GlasgowThe Shadowy Third
Susan GlaspellThe Hossack Murder
George R. GleigStorming the Capital
Paul GoodmanThe Young Pacifist
Robert Hagy “The Worst News That I Have Encountered in the Last 20 Years”
Pete Hamill Up the Stairs with Cus D’Amato
Dashiell Hammett Arson PlusCrooked SoulsSlippery Fingers
Elizabeth Hardwick Selma, Alabama: The Charms of Goodness
Moss HartFranklin D. Roosevelt Inaugurated Tomorrow
Bret Harte The Legend of Monte del Diablo
Julian Hawthorne Absolute Evil
Nathaniel HawthorneThe Ambitious GuestThe Birth-markDr. Heidegger’s ExperimentFeathertop: A Moralized LegendThe Gray ChampionThe Man of AdamantJohn Inglefield’s ThanksgivingThe Wives of the Dead
Lafcadio HearnThe Legend of Tchi-NiuThe Soul of the Great BellSome Strange Experience: The Reminiscences of a Ghost-Seer
W. C. HeinzDeath of a RacehorseThe Ghost of the Gridiron
Caroline HendersonLetter from the Dust Bowl
O. HenryThe DuelThe Ransom of Red Chief
Sheila HibbenEating American
Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Deacon’s Masterpiece: or the Wonderful “One-Hoss-Shay”
Len HoltEyewitness: The Police Terror at Birmingham
William T. HornadayThe Bird Tragedy of Laysan Island
William Dean HowellsShakespeare
Bettye Rice HughesA Negro Tourist in Dixie
Zora Neale HurstonThe Fire and the CloudStory in Harlem Slang
Washington IrvingThe Adventure of the German StudentThe Christmas DinnerChristmas EveThe Devil and Tom WalkerThe Legend of the Two Discreet StatuesThe Stout Gentleman
Jerry IzenbergA Whistle-Stop School with Big-Time Talent
Shirley JacksonBiography of a StoryCharles (Bonus story: ‘Trial by Combat’)The Night We All Had Grippe
Harriet Ann JacobsThe Lover
Henry JamesAn English New YearThe Middle YearsMiss Gunton of PoughkeepsiePasteA ProblemThe Special TypeThe Tree of KnowledgeSee also: Bosanquet
William JamesOn Some Mental Effects of the Earthquake
Sarah Orne JewettAunt Cynthy DallettAn Autumn HolidayGoing to ShrewsburyIn Dark New England DaysTom’s HusbandA White HeronA Winter Courtship
Clifton JohnsonThe Colored Cooper
Elia KazanAudience Tomorrow: Preview in New Guinea
Elizabeth KecklyLincoln’s Assassination
David H. KellerThe Jelly-Fish
Helen KellerI Go Adventuring
Francis Scott KeyDefence of Fort M‘Henry
Frances Parkinson KeyesTerry Helburn
Rudyard KiplingAn Interview with Mark Twain
Edmund KirkeOur Visit to Richmond
Seymour KrimMaking It!
Karl KroeberSisters and Science Fiction
Alice LakeLast Summer in Mississippi
Ellen N. La Motte AloneHeroes
Ring LardnerCarmenThe Golden HoneymoonHaircutWhere Do You Get That Noise?The Young Immigrunts
Helen Lawrenson“Damn the Torpedoes!”
Ursula K. Le GuinImaginary CountriesSee: Kroeber
Fritz LeiberKnight to MoveTry and Change the Past
Aldo Leopold Letters to EstellaNatural History, the Forgotten Science
A. J. Liebling Horsefeathers Swathed in Mink
Abraham LincolnAutobiography Written for CampaignRemarkable Case of Arrest for MurderSee also: Adams (Lois), Douglass, Keckly, Stowe, Tolstoy, Ward, Welles
Belle Marshall LockeThe Hiartville Shakespeare Club
Jack LondonThe ApostateSouth of the SlotTo Build a FireTold in the Drooling WardWarThe White Silence
Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Birds of Killingworth
H. P. LovecraftThe Music of Erich Zann
Amy LowellSpring Day
Dolley Madison“Dear sister, I must leave this house”
Bernard MalamudThe First Seven YearsIdiots FirstThe Mourners
Mary S. MallardUnion Looters
Norman ManeaBarney Greengrass
William MaxwellThe Actual ThingThe Lily-White Boys
Ward McAllisterSuccess in Entertaining
James D. McCabeImpostors
Mary McCarthyGeneral MacbethThe Company Is Not Responsible
Carson McCullersThe Great Eaters of GeorgiaWunderkind
Judith W. McGuire“Our Beleaguered City”
Herman MelvilleThe Armies of the WildernessThe FiddlerThe Lightning-Rod Man
H. L. MenckenThe Diary of a RetreatThe Nature of LibertyPortrait of an Immortal Soul
Ana MenéndezCelebrations of Thanksgiving: Cuban Seasonings
Thomas MifflinWashington Resigns His Commission
Arthur MillerMare Island and Back
Mary Bedinger MitchellA Woman’s Recollections of Antietam
Toshio MoriJapanese Hamlet
J. Sterling MortonAbout Trees
Lucretia MottNo Greater Joy Than to See These Children . . .
Anna Cora MowattThe Morning of the Débût
John MuirHetch Hetchy ValleySave the RedwoodsA Wind-Storm in the Forests
Albert MurrayMe and Old Duke
George Jean NathanBaiting the Umpire
Juanita NelsonA Matter of Freedom
Frank NorrisHunting Human Game
Flannery O'ConnorThe Train
Frederick Law OlmstedTrees in Streets and in Parks
John O’Hara AgathaChristmas Poem
Eugene O'NeillIn the ZoneThe Long Voyage HomeTomorrow
Susan OrleanShiftless Little Loafers
Annie ParkerPassages in the Life of a Slave Woman
Edgar Allan PoeThe Angel of the OddThe Cask of AmontilladoThe Domain of ArnheimHop-FrogNever Bet the Devil Your HeadThe System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether
James PolingThurgood Marshall and the 14th Amendment
Jack H. PollackLiteracy Tests: Southern Style
Channing PollockStage Struck
Katherine Anne PorterThe Charmed LifeA Christmas Story
Ernie Pyle“This One Is Captain Waskow”
Seabury QuinnThe Curse of Everard Maundy
William H. RankinFree Fall (from The Man Who Rode the Thunder)
Jane RiceThe Refugee
Eddie RickenbackerNotes on War Experiences
Waverly RootThe Flying Fool
Philip RothYou Can’t Tell a Man by the Song He Sings
Berton RouechéThe Fog
William Howard RussellCelebration in CharlestonThe Union Army Retreats
George Augustus SalaThe Tyranny of Pie
John SchulianNowhere to Run
Gilbert SeldesTransatlantic
Harvey ShapiroWar Stories
Vincent SheeanAufenthalt in Rosenheim
Clark Ashton SmithGenius Loci
Moses Smith“Old Ironsides” Captures HMS Guerrière
Red Smith“I’m the Greatest”Jim Crow’s PlaymatesThe Strongest Lady in the World
Jack SnowMidnight
Harriet Prescott SpoffordThe Moonstone Mass
Francis StevensUnseen—Unfeared
Wallace StevensSunday Morning
Harriet Beecher StoweAbraham Lincoln
Annie D. TallentBill of Fare on the Plains
Roger B. Taney Defence of Fort M‘Henry
Ida M. TarbellFlying—A Dream Come True!
Mary Church TerrellWhat It Means to be Colored in the Capital of the United States
Celia ThaxterA Memorable Murder
Virgil ThomsonTaste in Music
Henry David ThoreauA Winter Walk
Rose Hartwick Thorpe Curfew Must Not Ring To-Night
James ThurberA Box to Hide InThe Greatest Man in the WorldThe Lady on the BookcaseLavender with a Difference The Secret Life of Walter MittyYou Could Look It Up
Leo TolstoyTolstoi Holds Lincoln World’s Greatest Hero
Fred TravisThe Evicted
Mark TwainThe Christmas Fireside (for Good Little Boys and Girls)A Dog's TaleHow to Cure a ColdHunting the Deceitful TurkeyJim Baker’s Blue-Jay YarnMy First Lie and How I Got Out of ItPlaying CourierA Presidential CandidateQueen Victoria’s JubileeRunning for GovernorSee also: Kipling
John UpdikeThe Lovely Troubled Daughters of Our Old Crowd
Lew WallaceAttack on Fort Donelson
Artemus WardArtemus Ward on His Visit to Abe Lincoln
George WashingtonAccount of the Battle of Monmouth“The Urgent Necessity”Washington Resigns His Commission
Noah WebsterOn the Absurdity of a Bill of Rights
Gideon Welles“The Giant Sufferer”
Eudora WeltyPetrified Man
Nathanael WestBusiness Deal
Edith WhartonAutres Temps . . .The EyesThe Fulness of LifeA JourneyKerfolThe PelicanWriting a War StoryXingu
Walt WhitmanDeath in the School-RoomOne Wicked Impulse!Wild Frank’s Return
Thornton WilderChefoo, ChinaThe Drunken Sisters“Spiritus Valet”
Wong Chin FooExperience of a Chinese Journalist
Madeline Yale WynneThe Little Room
Howard ZinnFinishing School for Pickets